Sofia Pujol

Final Project


Video Version:



Sofia Pujol
Paris 2014

Eiffel Tower Rythm

Perspective Exploration by Sofia and Sanskruta

Pattern Exploration #2

Clay-Mation Explorations by Sofia, Jeremiah, and Flavie


Morph Exploration by Sofia and Izzy





  • incorporation of two major ancient civilizations that have greatly influenced modern principles
  • the importance of ancient developments
  • viewing ancient-era-inspired aesthetics in modern context
  • using aesthetics created for the divine by ancients to house contemporary art




two small extraterrestrials behind observation glass


portrait of a pregnant alien goddess


the artist in mid-blink and a robot alien host

  • alien invasion/alien culture and its widespread influence
  • relatability of a specific interest
  • extraterrestrials as an art concept

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