projects & workshops


1. metamorphosis Drawing sequences in teams + Shoot the animation in situ with a dynamic POV & make a final loop
2. claymation 
Shaping and animating things (cynthia + jeremiah)
3. things Marc & David – »Sofia, Sanskruta, Izzy & Sanjana »Maria, Chu Chu & Flavie) Stage and animate found things in a fixed setting

walkshops & explorations

• PATTERNS #1: as formal arrangement (mixed media sketches)

• Walkshop: a building (Pompidou Center) / PATTERN #2 repetitions (»David – »ChuChu – »Maria) • Walkshop: a city icon (Eiffel Tower) / PATTERN #3 rhythm

• A bridge: MONUMENTAL “we explore expressions of monumentality between the Invalides and the Grand Palais which held the exhibit Monumental”


• A flea market: TREASURES (gallery)  “things old, new, second hand, stolen and discovered, fake and authentic—all between the poles of trash and troves”



 main project

The AbD14 Main Project brings together two traditional components from any city, but our subject is Paris:
1. SPACE: it is thought of as a contextual element of the city (place, way, monument, park, etc)  It may be physical or symbolic.
2. THING(s): it is thought of as an object or item in the city, usually physical but not always. It may be synthetic or organic. It may be mobile, movable or static. It may be concrete or symbolic.
• Produce an animation that reveals how these SPACES and THINGS relate to each other through flows, rhythms and temporalities.
• The process should include documentation on your research, exploration and analysis, as well as creative sketches, drawings, videos, photos, writings, storyboards, diagrams and/or moodboards that can give an idea of your aims, goals and means. Please upload key documents on your blog page.
• Conceptual opportunities are near infinite but you should focus on notions/topics that relate to a personal interest or quest. A project conversation will continue until the final review on August 07, with recurring progress reviews every two days.
• The animation could range between 10 and 100 seconds.
– It may or may not be a loop.
– It may be produced in any tool of your choice.
– It may or may not include sound.
– keep your format small enough: maximum 1280×720
– push for concepts and ideas but the priority is that you have fun and explore aspects that are important to you—even if these are more technical than poetic or conceptual.

•• workshop mapping & discussion


The workshop progression is based on the concept of CONVERGENCE: animation, graphic design & critical thinking + participants from three continents meeting in Paris + four disciplines combining into one medium.

•• video Q&As

#1 What is your interpretation of “animation by design”?
#2 What is the role of Paris as a city in this workshop?
#3 Will this workshop affect you as a creator?