Travel preps

– Best time to book is 4-6 weeks before flight, not 2-3 or 8-10 weeks before flight (this is not always true)
– Never book on weekends. The least expensive days to book are Tue, Wed and Thu.
– Special deals can appear on Airline Facebook pages, but often gone within an hour of being posted, e.g.:

Best flight experience: 747 AirFrance nonstop with upstairs seating there (may add about $160 to R/T) Boards and leaves the plane faster. Window seats include extra storage.

Travel sites:

StudentUniverse  with the iNext coupon code that was emailed to CCA students

How to Avoid Jet Lag


Getting cash in France:
Tell your bank that you are traveling to Europe or they may block your credit card and check with them to know what they charge. Often it is cheaper to use a debit card at an ATM, which you can find at the airport prior to buying your Metro ticket to the Gare de l’Est métro station (Recollets). If you can, do bring between 20 and 100 Euros in case the ATM lines are too long at the airport. Getting €s in San Francisco

AC ADAPTER – at ebay or Amazon:

Student ID (around €1.50 off cinema seats and up to 50 per cent off museums)Ideally you should have an International Student Identity Card (ISIC), available from CROUS & student travel agents. ISIC cards are valid in France only if you are under 26. Under-26s can get up to 50% off rail travel on some trains with the SNCF’s Carte 12/25 and the same reduction on the RATP network with the Imagine R card.
CROUS 39 ave Georges-Bernanos  ( or
So, I strongly advise you to obtain such a card immediately. You can also try to obtain one at the CROUS when you arrive in Paris.

On July 14 Paris will be crazy. There will be millions of tourists coming from all over Europe (not all well intentioned: watch out for pick pockets in the subway and crowded places)

More info on Bastille Day and other events:

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